Your Staged Home Should Smell Good Too

Your Staged Home Should Smell Good Too

When it comes to staging your home to sell your staged home should smell good as well as look good.  Make someone feel at home is about more sense than just appealing to the eyes.  There is nothing quite like a homey smell to make your open house visitors feel comfortable.  Scent is potent when it comes to triggering pleasant memories and you can tap into that and use it to your advantage.  Here are some ways to use scent to your advantage when staging an open house.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning your house is more than dusting and vacuuming, although that should be done too.  You are going to have to do a deep clean beyond the usual tasks.  That means doing things like steam cleaning your carpets to get rid of lingering odors.  Be careful with the cleaning products that you use, some cleaning products do not have a pleasant odor so opt for something that smells better yet still works.  Here are some tips on using cleaning products that smell fantastic.

Use Natural Citrus Smells

Homes that smell like real food, although you need to be careful with this, appeal to visitors.  The smell of citrus was one that had a lot of appeal to many home buyers.  They liked even more than baking or roasted chicken and citrus is often associated with a clean home.  However, don’t use air fresheners with harsh chemicals they just smell bad and are overwhelming.  A diffuser with some essential oil should work just fine.

Scented Candles

Scented candles do more than just smell good they also give your home a feeling of warmth and can help relax your guests.  Again be careful not to use a scent that is overpowering or too strong.


While citrus may be a favored scent fresh baked goods are a pretty close second.  Stick with chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, no peanut butter in case of allergies.  Other options can include fresh baked bread or cakes.  Baked goods smell like home and invoke memories of mom’s or grandma’s cooking.

Scents and smells affect mood more than most people realize.  Nothing will make you want to leave someone’s house faster than a bad smell.  Don’t let something as easily fixed as scent drive buyers off.  Having a nice smelling and warm home is easy and cheap to do, so take advantage and sell your home faster.

How Staging Your Home Helps it Sell

How Staging Your Home Helps it Sell

There is no shortage of television shows on HGTV and DIY about staging your home to sell.  They make it look so easy and make claims of how staging your home helps sell it, but are the claims real or is it just entertainment?  Actually yes, staging your home does help you to sell it, not only that but you will sell it quicker and get a better price.  Let’s look at how and why it works and whether you should try it or not.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is using interior design to highlight the best features of your home.  A home staging professional works with realtors and home owners by evaluating the property to see what may keep buyers from putting in offers.  While it does use design principals it is not exactly interior decorating, rather it is using the furniture to market your home.

How Does it Work?

When your house has been properly staged then the buyer’s see it in its best condition. The focal points of the room are highlighted each room flows into the next.  Rooms are tastefully decorated to blend with the style of the house.  Furniture is arranged so buyers can move around your home smoothly.  Everything works together to help the buyers envision themselves living in the home.  It also makes the home look very well cared for so the buyer feels comfortable buying a good house.  Here is a look at the psychology of home staging.

Benefits of Staging

By putting your home in the best condition possible you can ask a better price than a home that hasn’t been staged.  Statistically homes that have been professionally staged get a better asking price and sell quicker than homes that aren’t staged.  Here are some hard statistics to back these claims up, a staged home sits on the market for about 30 days on average.  A home that isn’t staged sits on the market for an average of 160 days.  That is a huge difference!  The carrying costs alone for your home are enough to justify hiring someone to do the staging for you.

Having your home professionally staged benefits you immediately.  Your house will sell faster than a non-staged home and if you’re in a competitive market you need every advantage that you can get.  If you have a good realtor then they know the advantages of staging and will probably recommend someone who can help you present your home.