Staging the Exterior

How To Stage a Home’s Exterior to Boost Curb Appeal

When you think of home staging, most people think of getting the perfect arrangement for showing major rooms in a home, like the living room and kitchen. But in reality, staging the exterior of your home can be equally important to staging the interior. Home buyers make the first impressions outside of the home, so to get them inside and considering a property, a seller should never neglect curb appeal. Here, we’ll explain how to stage a home’s exterior to boost curb appeal and get the maximum amount of buyers inside the home.

Staging a home to boost its curb appeal is a challenge in its own right as if staging the interior wasn’t hard enough. The good news, however, is that staging the exterior can be done affordably and with ease as long as you focus your time and resources into some key areas. In general, it’s most important to keep the outside looking clean, and having a tasteful arrangement focused around the front door.

Do a Pressure Wash

Mould and dirt will build-up on all of the surfaces of your home’s exterior, including your driveway and walk paths. It makes homes look old and uncared for when buyers see an exterior that’s dirty and covered in mould, so clean it using a pressure washer. It’s quick and pretty easy, especially if you go the route of renting a pressure washer for a small amount of money. If that seems like too much for you, a professional pressure wash is pretty cheap too, so there’s no reason not to.

Repaint your Door and Siding

A fresh paint job can make an old home look like one of the newest properties on the block. Painting your siding a popular colour can do wonders for tidying up an old and tired look. Repainting the front door is also a very good idea, go for a dark or contrasting colour to make the most welcoming area of your exterior look clean and inviting.

Painting Your Door to Sell
Professional Painter Cutting In With A Brush to Paint Garage Door Frame.

Clean the Landscape

Any overgrown shrubs or trees should be pruned and kept kempt. Put a little love into any flower beds, and use them to add some nice colour to the outside of the property. Most of all, don’t forget to apply plenty of fresh mulch. Mulch is decorative and pretty looking in a landscape, but the best part is that it’s cheap and saves you from doing the weeding.

Don’t Ignore the Deck and Patio

The deck and patio are areas that can act just like the rooms on the inside of your home, so similar rules apply to staging here. Make sure it’s clean and impersonal, but also don’t neglect to display some tasteful outdoor furniture. Plastic lawn chairs and the like look cheap and will dissuade buyers. Get some quality outdoor furniture and soften the look with pillows and possibly outdoor curtains.


Invest in some Potted Plants

Potted plants can add a lot to the look of your home’s exterior, especially on the porch and around the doors. If possible, keep your arrangements symmetrical and use the plants to add life around key focal points, such as the front door.


Get some New Hardware

Things like door numbers, lighting fixtures and most of all, doorknobs. The doorknob is especially important, as the buyer will spend more time here than in other parts of the exterior, and something like an old, worn-out doorknob will be noticeable. Get some new door numbers, ideally, ones that are large and in a font that matches the design aesthetic of your home. Additionally, old light fixtures should be replaced with new, and it’s worth considering adding more so your home looks well lit in the evening and night.


Accessorize the Porch

As has been said, the porch is a key area of your home’s curb appeal and likely the most important area to consider when staging the exterior. A few fresh accessories can make for wise additions, such as a new doormat or a wreath. Seating is also recommended for porches, to complete the look of the welcoming environment.

Home Staging on a Budget

Home Staging on a Budget

You want your home sold quickly and at top dollar and you know that home staging will help make that happen.  But you don’t have the funds to renovate your home or get new furniture to highlight an accent wall.  Home staging on a budget can still be done, you just need to put in a little elbow grease and use the tools that you have.  Let us show you how to make your home look fabulous for your next open house.

  1. Take Out the Clutter

It costs nothing to start removing the clutter from around your home and either packing it away to move later or storing it.  The longer you have lived in a home the more things you accumulate, taking away the clutter makes your home look tidy and also makes it look bigger.

  1. Change the Light Bulbs

Get rid of old burnt out bulbs and change them out for softer lighting.  Well lit homes look welcoming and make guests feel warm and invited.

  1. Create Conversation Areas

Your sofa and chairs need to be positioned so that traffic can flow around the home.  You can also make the living room feel more intimate be creating conversation areas with your furniture.

  1. Slap on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh paint in a neutral color can do wonders for your home.  It can make it look bigger and more inviting if you use the same color on adjacent rooms, the same color flows from one room into another.  Using window dressings of the same color can also add sophistication and elegance to your room.

  1. Add Fresh Seasonal Flowers

Fresh flowers add color and a wonderful scent to your home.  You don’t have to go out and grab the most expensive bouquet the flower shop has, you can grab wild flowers if you have them nearby.  Just make sure they are fresh and smell good.

  1. Clean Up the Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses and while you may not have the funds to renovate your bathroom you can remove old moldy grout and replace it with new grout.  Clean the tiles thoroughly and replace and old and dripping taps that you might have.  Clean out the clutter and personal products and make the mirrors sparkle.

  1. Make the Bedroom Look Relaxing

If you can you may want to replace your duvet.  You should also clean out the closets so that they aren’t stuffed until they are ready to burst.  Hang up all of your clothes and clear off the top of the dressers.

This is not everything you can do to stage your home but it is definitely a good start to making visitors feel at home and have them wanting to put in an offer.

Your Staged Home Should Smell Good Too

Your Staged Home Should Smell Good Too

When it comes to staging your home to sell your staged home should smell good as well as look good.  Make someone feel at home is about more sense than just appealing to the eyes.  There is nothing quite like a homey smell to make your open house visitors feel comfortable.  Scent is potent when it comes to triggering pleasant memories and you can tap into that and use it to your advantage.  Here are some ways to use scent to your advantage when staging an open house.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning your house is more than dusting and vacuuming, although that should be done too.  You are going to have to do a deep clean beyond the usual tasks.  That means doing things like steam cleaning your carpets to get rid of lingering odors.  Be careful with the cleaning products that you use, some cleaning products do not have a pleasant odor so opt for something that smells better yet still works.  Here are some tips on using cleaning products that smell fantastic.

Use Natural Citrus Smells

Homes that smell like real food, although you need to be careful with this, appeal to visitors.  The smell of citrus was one that had a lot of appeal to many home buyers.  They liked even more than baking or roasted chicken and citrus is often associated with a clean home.  However, don’t use air fresheners with harsh chemicals they just smell bad and are overwhelming.  A diffuser with some essential oil should work just fine.

Scented Candles

Scented candles do more than just smell good they also give your home a feeling of warmth and can help relax your guests.  Again be careful not to use a scent that is overpowering or too strong.


While citrus may be a favored scent fresh baked goods are a pretty close second.  Stick with chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, no peanut butter in case of allergies.  Other options can include fresh baked bread or cakes.  Baked goods smell like home and invoke memories of mom’s or grandma’s cooking.

Scents and smells affect mood more than most people realize.  Nothing will make you want to leave someone’s house faster than a bad smell.  Don’t let something as easily fixed as scent drive buyers off.  Having a nice smelling and warm home is easy and cheap to do, so take advantage and sell your home faster.

How Staging Your Home Helps it Sell

How Staging Your Home Helps it Sell

There is no shortage of television shows on HGTV and DIY about staging your home to sell.  They make it look so easy and make claims of how staging your home helps sell it, but are the claims real or is it just entertainment?  Actually yes, staging your home does help you to sell it, not only that but you will sell it quicker and get a better price.  Let’s look at how and why it works and whether you should try it or not.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is using interior design to highlight the best features of your home.  A home staging professional works with realtors and home owners by evaluating the property to see what may keep buyers from putting in offers.  While it does use design principals it is not exactly interior decorating, rather it is using the furniture to market your home.

How Does it Work?

When your house has been properly staged then the buyer’s see it in its best condition. The focal points of the room are highlighted each room flows into the next.  Rooms are tastefully decorated to blend with the style of the house.  Furniture is arranged so buyers can move around your home smoothly.  Everything works together to help the buyers envision themselves living in the home.  It also makes the home look very well cared for so the buyer feels comfortable buying a good house.  Here is a look at the psychology of home staging.

Benefits of Staging

By putting your home in the best condition possible you can ask a better price than a home that hasn’t been staged.  Statistically homes that have been professionally staged get a better asking price and sell quicker than homes that aren’t staged.  Here are some hard statistics to back these claims up, a staged home sits on the market for about 30 days on average.  A home that isn’t staged sits on the market for an average of 160 days.  That is a huge difference!  The carrying costs alone for your home are enough to justify hiring someone to do the staging for you.

Having your home professionally staged benefits you immediately.  Your house will sell faster than a non-staged home and if you’re in a competitive market you need every advantage that you can get.  If you have a good realtor then they know the advantages of staging and will probably recommend someone who can help you present your home.