If you want to sell your house fast then proper staging is the best way to get that done.  Staged homes not only sell faster but they sell for more money and if you are in a buyer’s market you need to do everything you can to help get your home sold.  Once you have decided that your home needs staging you’re left with the choice of DIY staging versus hiring a pro.  There are advantages to both and see which one is the better option for you.

Doing it Yourself

Most people try staging their homes themselves because of the cost of hiring a pro.  Everyone likes saving money but that doesn’t mean that you should try staging.  Do you know anything about interior design or the principals of staging?  Maybe you have a friend who claims to know how to stage…that never works out well.  If you are stuck and have to stage your home yourself there are some resources you should look into first.  Head on over to YouTube and watch some of the more popular videos on staging and learn a trick or two.  There are also a couple of websites that will allow you to upload before photos of your home and give you pro tips on what to do.

Easy peasy…right.

Not so fast.  Let’s look at how home staging companies work and why you may still want to go the pro route instead.

Hiring the Pros to Do It

Staging is as much science as it is art and you need to understand how it works to make it work for you.  Professional stagers also have no emotional attachment to your home, they can look at it with a critical and objective eye and find the flaws.  Professional staging companies have on hand furniture and art pieces to make your home look its best.  You may not be in the position to acquire new furniture just for the short time you need it to sell your house.  An experienced home stager in your local market knows what similar homes are selling for and what they look like.  They know what features buyers are looking for and how to incorporate them into your home.  Yes, there is a cost to working with a professional home staging company but it is well worth it in the end.

The Verdict

Unless you have no other alternative then using a professional home staging company will give you the best bang for your buck.  You want your house sold as quickly as possible and for the best price.  They are in the best position to help you do that.