How To Stage a Home’s Exterior to Boost Curb Appeal

When you think of home staging, most people think of getting the perfect arrangement for showing major rooms in a home, like the living room and kitchen. But in reality, staging the exterior of your home can be equally important to staging the interior. Home buyers make the first impressions outside of the home, so to get them inside and considering a property, a seller should never neglect curb appeal. Here, we’ll explain how to stage a home’s exterior to boost curb appeal and get the maximum amount of buyers inside the home.

Staging a home to boost its curb appeal is a challenge in its own right as if staging the interior wasn’t hard enough. The good news, however, is that staging the exterior can be done affordably and with ease as long as you focus your time and resources into some key areas. In general, it’s most important to keep the outside looking clean, and having a tasteful arrangement focused around the front door.

Do a Pressure Wash

Mould and dirt will build-up on all of the surfaces of your home’s exterior, including your driveway and walk paths. It makes homes look old and uncared for when buyers see an exterior that’s dirty and covered in mould, so clean it using a pressure washer. It’s quick and pretty easy, especially if you go the route of renting a pressure washer for a small amount of money. If that seems like too much for you, a professional pressure wash is pretty cheap too, so there’s no reason not to.

Repaint your Door and Siding

A fresh paint job can make an old home look like one of the newest properties on the block. Painting your siding a popular colour can do wonders for tidying up an old and tired look. Repainting the front door is also a very good idea, go for a dark or contrasting colour to make the most welcoming area of your exterior look clean and inviting.

Painting Your Door to Sell
Professional Painter Cutting In With A Brush to Paint Garage Door Frame.

Clean the Landscape

Any overgrown shrubs or trees should be pruned and kept kempt. Put a little love into any flower beds, and use them to add some nice colour to the outside of the property. Most of all, don’t forget to apply plenty of fresh mulch. Mulch is decorative and pretty looking in a landscape, but the best part is that it’s cheap and saves you from doing the weeding.

Don’t Ignore the Deck and Patio

The deck and patio are areas that can act just like the rooms on the inside of your home, so similar rules apply to staging here. Make sure it’s clean and impersonal, but also don’t neglect to display some tasteful outdoor furniture. Plastic lawn chairs and the like look cheap and will dissuade buyers. Get some quality outdoor furniture and soften the look with pillows and possibly outdoor curtains.


Invest in some Potted Plants

Potted plants can add a lot to the look of your home’s exterior, especially on the porch and around the doors. If possible, keep your arrangements symmetrical and use the plants to add life around key focal points, such as the front door.


Get some New Hardware

Things like door numbers, lighting fixtures and most of all, doorknobs. The doorknob is especially important, as the buyer will spend more time here than in other parts of the exterior, and something like an old, worn-out doorknob will be noticeable. Get some new door numbers, ideally, ones that are large and in a font that matches the design aesthetic of your home. Additionally, old light fixtures should be replaced with new, and it’s worth considering adding more so your home looks well lit in the evening and night.


Accessorize the Porch

As has been said, the porch is a key area of your home’s curb appeal and likely the most important area to consider when staging the exterior. A few fresh accessories can make for wise additions, such as a new doormat or a wreath. Seating is also recommended for porches, to complete the look of the welcoming environment.