What is the Best Color for Selling a Home

When it comes to selling a home, almost everyone knows that fresh paint is hugely important to presenting a home in the best way possible. Yet, not just any color of paint is sufficient for selling a home. With that said, you’re probably left wondering what is the best color for selling a home? It turns out, there’s a few well liked colors for both the interior and exterior of the home, which we’ll go over below.


White (For Interiors)

White is the first color many people think of when they go to chose a neutral color to paint a home. The truth is however, that stark white isn’t really ideal for your home’s interior. A shade of white with a slightly cooler undertone is the better alternative to something that’s too bright. Think an extremely light gray or perhaps even something with a light, bluish tone. It’s true that white is a popular, neutral color, but in general you want something that won’t feel like a hospital while keeping with cool tones, that are the trendier ones at moment.


Blue (For Exteriors)

While brighter shades are better for interiors, making them feel expansive and larger, darker shades can work well for exteriors. A darker blue looks cool and accommodating on many properties, and for homes along coasts light blue can look good too.


Gray (Interiors and Exteriors)


Gray is one of the best and safest colors for painting a home. Exteriors look good in almost any shade of gray, which works well in conjunction with other commonly gray elements on the outside of a property, such as driveways and walk paths. It also compliments almost any kind of styling your home may be built in mind with, once again making it the best choice for a safe color.

Likewise, it’s superb for interiors too. While whites maybe the go to for many, light gray can be ideal for many interior settings. It has the benefits that lighter shades bring out, yet doesn’t require being carefully paired with complimentary lighting like beige colors do. In general, grays are popular, and perhaps this versatility is the reason why.

Taupe (For Interiors)

Taupe is on the warmer end, which is a different choice from the commonly popular cool colors, but it’s neutral enough and does well to compliment the styling of certain homes. It comes in a variety of shades and undertones that manage to provide color without coming off as overbearing. For this reason, homes that could benefit from a warmer tone would be best in a shade of taupe.


Greige (For Exteriors)

Greige is the perfect combination of gray and beige, and it’s becoming rather trendy as of late in the housing market. Beige is a classic color for homes, but in today’s market it’s become somewhat of a challenge, and in most cases could be considered risky. Greige on the other hand keeps much of the old-school cozy feeling that beige provides, while cutting it with a stark, neutral tone.

With this as your guide, it’s pretty easy to see what colors and tones work well for both the interior and exterior of your home. In general, colors that are neutral and bright are best for interiors, while darker medium shades work better on the exterior, where you can also experiment with a little more color. Meanwhile, vibrant and warm colors that may stand as an expression of the home’s past occupants are generally to be avoided, and can detract from your home’s value.